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Advanced Study of SDN/OpenFlow controllers

Статья 28.04.2014 Alexander Shalimov, Dmitry Zuikov, Daria Zimarina, Vasily Pashkov, Ruslan Smeliansky Аннотация: This paper presents an independent comprehensive analysis of the efficiency indexes of popular open source SDN/OpenFlow controllers (NOX, POX, Beacon, Floodlight, MuL, Maestro, Ryu). The analysed indexes include performance, scalability, reliability, and security. For testing purposes we developed the new framework called hcprobe.
The test bed and the methodology we used are discussed in detail so that everyone could reproduce our experiments. The result of the evaluation show that modern SDN/OpenFlow controllers are not ready to be used in production and have to be improved in order to increase all above mentioned characteristics.

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