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Software Defined Networking (A Dell Point of View)

Ссылки на статьи 09.04.2013 Dell Inc. Источник: Dell Inc. Аннотация: While other infrastructure technologies have become virtualized and automated, traditional networking solutions are built using legacy development methodologies that prevent application ecosystems from emerging and that are incapable of driving high levels of automation and application integration. In response to this need, leading cloud and
enterprise application developers are turning to a new method of network development known as Software-Defined Networking (SDN). SDN enables a new type of network virtualization, providing the last piece of the puzzle required to deliver low-lost, all-inclusive private cloud solutions to the enterprise data center.
SDN is the key to enabling significant technologies from the all-inclusive elastic private-cloud to secure mobile access, BYOD and beyond, all with a highly automated model that can give enterprise IT never-before-seen levels of agility while reducing both capital and operational overhead to the lowest levels ever delivered in enterprise solutions.

Software Defined Networking (A Dell Point of View )